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Sales & Specials

These are the specials at this time:

  • Check out savings on specials on our web-store!
  • All new and used automated longarm system purchases will receive our library of 1,600 digitized designs included. This retails for over $2,000 when sold individually!
  • Check out used longarm equipment on the AQ web-site.

Longarm Loyalty Special:

We reward our loyal customers. There is an automatic 10% discount on longarming services for the fifth quilt brought in within 2 years. The tenth quilt  will receive a 20% as long as not more than a year has passed since the prior quilt was brought in! After the tenth quilt, next quilt be comes the first, again, and the cycle starts over.

This discount is in addition to any other promotions.

Batting & Backing Longarming Discount

We love our wide backing and batting for many reasons the most important of which are: they give excellent results and they are easier for us to work with.

So, receive a discount off the cost of longarming when you buy the backing and batting from us when you check in your quilt for our longarming service. That equates to 5% for the backing and 5% for the batting. When both are purchased at check-in the total is 10% off the cost of longarming. [Hint: this discount only applies to purchases when checking in the associated quilt!]

This gives you an additional benefit for using our backing and batting. We have chosen the backing and batting for their quality, consistency, and results when longarmed. As you know, we always focus on quality.

I hope it is not confusing to give the discount on longarming for the purchase of batting and backing, but that should have the most benefit to you, the quilter. Since the longarming is almost always considerably more than the batting and backing, giving you the discount off the longarming saves you even more!

For example, small baby-sized quilts the backing plus batting is about the same cost as the longarming. So 10% on the cost of batting plus backing is about the same as 10% savings on the longarming.

However, for large quilts, such as a king-size, the cost of custom quilting can be many times the cost of the batting plus backing! This equates to a huge savings over the savings if applied to the batting plus backing.

So, that 5% / 5% / 10% goes a long way! And,.it is in addition to may other discounts such as our Longarming Loyalty Special, which means you can save over 30%!

It's a win-win proposition! It's really that simple!