This page contains more information on Accomplish Quilting, Inc. and Forever In Stitches, LLC's "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3" self-study course. There is nothing like this available anywhere or from anyone - dealer or Innova, itself.

So this is an offer you should take. To assist you we've provided the following information for your perusal.

This information was developed by Forever In Stitches in conjunction with Accomplish Quilting over a nearly half year period to address the training needs of existing, prospective, and future owners of Innova's AutoPilot Mach 3 automated quilting system. The materials included in the course are:

  • A 100 page workbook [shown to the left] of 100 pages, illustrated and in full color printing. It includes 8 chapters covering 57 pages that start with creating the project layout and continue through 7 individual projects ranging from "off-the-border" edge-to-edge [E2E] to complex custom quilting to creating your own design elements.

  • There are 32 exercises included in the projects, and many more individual, fully illustrated steps.

  • Also included are 14 pages of "Hints, Tips & Techniques".

  • 14 additional "Extreme Volume E2E" projects that demonstrate high through-put and profitability.

  • 18 digitized designs that are used in the 7 individual projects. These do not include those you will create.

  • The Extreme High Volume E2E supplies you with an additional 13 digitized designs.

  • 12 MP4 HD videos that follow the workbook step-by-step. The view of the quilt and the screen are shown simultaneously so that the impact of actions can be fully understood.

  • You will be eligible for the Certificate of Longarm Mastery.

Sample Page & Video

This is two sample pages from the book and a 8 minute section of the video that corresponds to it. It is from Project #5, beginning on page 45. Project #5 continues for eight more pages than what is shown here. It combines:

1)    Making a border-corner for one corner and copying it to the others;

2)    Placing a wreath pattern around the center star;

3)    Placing designs in the center star points;

4)    Placing a flower in the center square, 

5)    Echoing to fill and

6)    Mask off the unwanted lines.

You may want to see more information on the Syllabus.

Table Of Contents of the self-study course

The Table of Contents provides a good, high-level, orientation on the topics:

Project Pictures

The following pictures are used with permission and were submitted by Dawn Veltema to qualify for the Certification of Longarm Mastery. Used with permission.

Please not their accompanying Syllabus information.

Project #1 - E2E past quilt borders.

Project #2 - E2E within boundries

Projects #3 - #7 - Combination of the individual project into a table runner

Project #3 - It starts with cross-hatching the entire block then masking out the center square-in-a-square. A vase is then put in the center square. Lastly an arc / handle of unconnected flowers is example text. Please click here to edit the text.

Project #4 - Project 4 brings together a variety of techniques and functions. You will:

1)    Treat each piece of the vertical flying geese as a design element to have a separate pattern.

2)    Treat each of the horizontal flying geese blocks as a design element to receive a pattern.

3)    Make a pattern to make arcs on the seams of the bottom left four-square.

4)    Place an elaborate circular pattern in the top right square and attach an additional pattern to the circular pattern so as to fill in the corners.

Project #5 - Project 5 combines:

1)    Making a border-corner for one corner and copying it to the others;

2)    Placing a wreath pattern around the center star;

3)    Placing designs in the center star points;

4)    Placing a flower in the center square,

5)    Echoing to fill, and

6)    Mask off the unwanted lines.

Project #6 - This project focuses on the two vertical sashings, shown in white, between projects 2 & 4 and 4 & 5.

The sashing is made by creating more, grouped copies, splitting them in the middle, and then flip one end to create a focal point effect.

The sashing made for the first is then copied and placed in the second position.

Project #7 - This project creates the complete border around projects 3 – 5. Borders are somewhat unique in that there are two different distances used from the pattern to the edge. On the interior of the border the distance is usually ¼” while on the exterior it is usually ½” to allow for the space for the binding. This technique can then be used to create the border around the edge-to-edge project 2.

Extreme High Volume E2E

"Extreme High-Volume E2E Quilting is a technique to maximize throughput in your business or when you are doing charity quilts or T-shirt quilts for friends.

There is a 7 minute video on using the technique given one of the 14 project files we have included on the USB drive. Creating the projects as well as stitching them, which is on the video, is covered in "Hints, Tips & Techniques" in the workbook.

The each project includes a patterns. The pattern themes are:

  • Baby Items
  • Celtic Cross
  • Construction Equipment
  • Fire Equipment
  • Fisherman Items
  • Hearts
  • Halloween
  • Dinosaurs
  • Sports Balls
  • Lace
  • Music
  • Nautical
  • Fall Season
  • Wrought Iron Hearts

Certificate of Longarm Mastery

The "Certificate of Longarm Mastery" is issued to those participants, regardless of whether they attended a class or work by self-study, and submitted pictures of the projects.

There must be seven pictures as follows:

  • The entire set of projects 1-7 including the Layout from which the following pictures are taken, close-up;
  • Project 1;
  • Project 2;
  • Project 3;
  • Project 4;
  • Project 5; and,
  • Projects 3 - 7 combined [we refer to this as the "table runner"].

The pictures will be reviewed to assure that the results required were attained. We are reviewing the execution of the course material. Problems not related to the course are not included in the review [such as: tie-offs, stitch quality; and the like.

Upon review, the  certification signed by the president of Accomplish Quilting, Inc., will be issued via post at no additional cost. In addition, a JPG picture of your certificate will be emailed to you for use on your web-site, social media, etc.

This certification is to assure your customers, as well as yourself, that you can use all of the functionality of Innova's AutoPilot Mach 3.

Multiple Certificates Of Longarm Mastery

Additional CLMs are allowed as long as the additional applicants fall within the License of the Materials. There is an additional fee. This information can be found on our web-store.


Self Study Endorsements

"Thank you for putting this course together for self study. Im a slower learner and this is a great course to take it step by step at my pace. Even watching the videos 2-3 times! ?.  I love how these videos and book are mine to go back and review! I called for questions and they were patient with me and walked me through the steps. Thank You and now its time for a coffee break! Blessings, Dawn." Dawn V. - Self Study - CLM-019

“I could not find local support for my AutoPilot Mach3. There was plenty of support for free-motion quilting, but not automated. In order to get training I found I had to travel many states from my home until I found the self-study Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3 by Accomplish Quilting. It is just what I was looking for. I am so excited.” Shawn S. – Self-Study - CML-008

"Thank you for all your work in creating the AutoPilot Mach3™ Advanced Training Course. It is well done, and in my opinion, should be included with the purchase of ABM/Innova Quilting Machines. The material is very clear and concise. You have done a superb job of showing multiple examples of applying the AutoPilot Mach3™ software features and functionality. The watch, read and do method of training was very helpful in learning and retaining the information. Thank you again for putting the information together in such a well-organized package." - John W. - Self-Study - CLM-001

"Loved the examples. It was very clearly explained and it made each lesson easy to accomplish. The book was written very well. I learned a lot. I was only doing E2E before." - Brenda K. - Self Study - CLM-013

"I’ve completed the work piece for the certificate of mastery. I enjoyed working through the exercises, and I learned a lot!" - Judy C. - Self-Study - CLM-002

"The workbook was so good that I really don't need the workshop!" - Judy C. - Self-Study

"Thanks for creating this training program." - Estelle T. - Self Study

"I can't wait to get my new AutoPilot Mach 3-the self study program is a dream come true....actually having a workbook with illustrated pictures and projects that help you learn EVERY function. Thanks for making quilting even more FUN!! - Lisa S. - Self Study - CLM-018

Workshop Endorsements

"I finished going through all the lessons again right after the course which was a huge help. Made a few mistakes but learned from those as always is the case. I really appreciate all the work you and Ruth put into the course. It made my learning curve tremendously shorter! I’ll attach the pictures of my practice so I can get my second certificate! Also, I’d like to get the digital files of all your patterns you are now offering." - Carol S. - CLM-012

I liked most: "Sharing time with hands-on the AutoPilot. Ruth & Rick were so pleasant & have love for teaching/our success." - Lisa R.

"Thank you for the training materials because I do feel like I know more about my machine." - Carol W.

"The steps for each process were explained very well. Great hand-out material! Very comprehensive. Amazing Class - Thank You!" - Nancy T.

"The class connected all the "dots" of the program and finally gave me a printed reference that was detailed enough so I can use my AutoPilot at home." - Janet H.

"Small class. Friendly people - teachers & students. Organized material: step 1, step 2, etc. Ability to ask questions, watch AutoPilot on big screen TV. Very sense oriented for different learning styles. Hands on with AutoPilot, layout of the workbook. Exceptional Class!!" - Amy O.

"What I liked most about the class was the hands-on approach to the AutoPilot & the Innova." - Dale M.

"I liked most about the class was the hands-on. They stopping to clarify instructions. I liked that Ruth & Rick played off each other, clarifying and explaining." - Carlene C.

"The continuity between the materials and practice was what I liked most." - Laura H.

"I liked the hands on - Quilt set up on the machine." - Rene M.

"Hands-on training is what I liked most about the class." - Anne M.

I liked most: "Hands-On" - Iva S.

I liked most: "Step by step instructions made sense of a complex system; depth of knowledge of instructors." Carol S. - CLM-012

I liked most: "Hands on, able to ask questions." - Jeannie A.

I liked most: "Your willingness to answer questions and willingness to learn. It is hard to try and learn so much in the two days. But, I know that [this] is the best way to do it." - Deanna C.

Pricing & Purchasing

This multi-media training is available for $999.00 USD by selecting the "Buy Now" button, below. Save hundreds buy buying the Bundle of the "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3" and "Be Creative With Your Mach 3."

Suggested Prerequisites

This is an advanced course. Before taking this course, you should have a physical and basic knowledge of your Innova and its computer/monitor.

These include:

  • Common knowledge of computers
  • USB Drives
  • Running programs
  • Using File Explorer to find files
  • Copy/Paste
  • Mouse, buttons, and roller bar
  • Running AutoPilot for edge-to-edge
  • Running AutoPilot for quilts that require light customization, such as borders with an E2E center

License Agreement

The license follows. It is also in downloadable PDF format for easy printing and reviewing. If you do not intend to adhere to the license agreement, then do not purchase the Workbook.