Free Mach 3 Videos

The following are some free Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 videos. The newest are at the top of the list.

If you like the method of instruction in these videos, you will most likely enjoy the self-study training that Ruth has created for the Innova Mach 3. These are "Advanced Training For The Innova AutoPilot Mach 3" and "Being Creative With Your Mach 3."

If you have a question that can lend itself to a video, please select "Request A Video," below and state what you'd like to see.

In this video Ruth shows how to align needle holes when repairing a section of ripped out quilting,

Controlling your tension. Done by Mike Schwartzburger at Accomplish Quilting, St. Joseph MI ~ 29 min.

Ruth's Border-Corner technique from the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section of the "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3 for the Innova." Go to our on-line store to purchase the entire self-study course which includes a 100 page workbook.

Repeating A Pattern Using Partial Repeats & Eliminating Unneeded Tails by Ruth Grihalva of Forever In Stitches ~ 6 min.

Adding More Fonts For More Fun by Ruth Grihalva of Forever In Stitches ~ 12 min.

Cutting A Section Out Of A Pattern & Fill The Void Created by Ruth Grihalva of Forever In Stitches ~ 7 min.

Using An Image In Designing, Modifying A Pattern, Joining Another Pattern To It & Aligning With Pushpins by Ruth Grihalva of Forever In Stitches ~ 13 min.