How To Get The Most Out Of Your Longarming Dollar

Both Sides Of The Coin....

We have seen longarming from both sides: as a piecer having our work longarmed; and, as a longarmer having to longarm others’ piecing. In almost all cases, things that the piecer can do to improve their creations to get a better result after longarming and those items that a longarmer would like to see to have their work shine, are the same.

We are sharing this information so that you can achieve the best looking quilts possible and that you can get the most from your longarming dollar!

This book is based on a series of three presentations that Ruth made on three separate years at Shipshewana Schoolhouses during their annual June QuiltFest. It has been expanded to include other observations that we have made since then.

Each chapter will contain a single topic. Each chapter was originally published as an email. There are thirty in total They were written between July 2019 and March 2022 or over a period of thirty-three months. The delay in completing the series was due to: first, because I had other duties besides writing this series; secondly, I had have a multitude of medical appointments and hospitalizations.

The purposes of those talks and these chapters are to:

  • Let you know the “Tips & Techniques” that would allow you, as a piecer, to get the best quilting results;
  • Let the longarmer know what to look for when checking-in a quilt and while longarming;
  • Have both of you end up with a work of art of which you are proud;
  • Anticipate the needs of your longarmer; and,
  • Make the longarming process easier on your longarmer so that they may focus on the quality of their craftsmanship and provide you with an outstanding result.


The book is now complete and together. We hope you will enjoy it!  We trust that these chapters will encourage you to get the most out of your longarming dollar!

Flo S., one of our proof readers wrote "Thank you for developing this important information."

An example in flip-book form of the first three chapters [12 pages], out of the thirty chapters, follows. You can also purchase the entire 74 page PDF e-book to read, reference, or print for $9.00, below the following flip-book example. The PDF will be mailed to the email address that you use to purchase the PDF format.