The highly prized Innovas come in a spectrum of machines to fit a wide variety of desires and budgets.The machines are modularly built to keep standards and quality high and provide flexibility in fitting needs and budgets: they are "Built To Quilt!" Innovas are built based on AMB's experience in industrial quilting. These are not based on sewing machine technology.

In terms of desires and needs there for ways of looking at your Innova: throat size, frame size, the degree of automation, as well as stance.

All combinations of Innovas have many options.

Throat Size:

The throat size is the length from the front of the rear pedestal to the needle. The throat size determines the area of the quilt that can be quilted at one time. It also impacts the amount of quilt that you can see while you are quilting, which can have a big impact on free-motion quilting. It is impacted by the overlap that you may have between pattern rows.

Innova sew-heads shown below have throat sizes of 18", 22", 26", M20", M24", and M28".

Frame Size:

Frame sizes lengths are generally 8', 10', 12', and 14'. However, the frame can easily be cut to the length you desire for your studio.

The size top that can be mounted is generally 2' less due to the mechanics and the size of the leader cloth. The area where the frame is installed must be much larger than the frame as the sew heads travel beyond the width of the machines and you must be able to maneuver around the frame.

Degree of Automation:

How much automation you would like to have with your machine ranges from none to a ton. And the price of the longarm increases with the level of automation that you desire. Listed here are some rather general breakdowns as to the level of automation, from lowest to highest level of automation:

  • No automation is for those who like to create their masterpieces using "free-motion" quilting. These can involve the use of paper pantograph patterns being traced upon with a laser, or simply moving, echoing, etc. to highlight the quilt top design.

  • "Stitch Regulation" allows for the needle to slow down as the movement of the pattern slows down, and vice versa. There are two flavors: analog and digital - the digital being quicker [giving rise to its name "Lightning-Stitch™"], more accurate, and more expensive.

  • PantoVision ™allows a giant leap forward for those liking to do Pantograph free motion. Instead of tracing on a pantograph, the quilter moves the sew-head like a huge mouse over the pattern on a screen. This allows multiple patterns, and multiple sizes of any one pattern.

  • Navigator™ is a compluterized robotics system. Starting with a base of Edge-To-Edge patterns, the quilter can create custom masterpieces including recording of free-motion movements.

  • AutoPilot Mach 3™ is the top-of-the-line automated quilting system. This is the model we use and you must see it in action to really grasp the impact of that much quilting power.

  • Grand Format Embroidery [GFE] is an add-on to AutoPilot Mach 3™.  GFE allows the Innova to stitch embroidery patterns! This is an incredible enhancement for those desiring to make keep-sakes or competition quilts. This is a game-changer for the home longarmer who is devoted to putting love into their quilts.


Base prices vary from $11,000 for free-motion to $37,990 Mach 3 with the published packages we offer. If you want to "play around" with the prices there is a "build" option at www.InnovaLongarm.com that lets you change options. Note that the prices shown here a list prices and do not reflect any promotions from either Innova or us. They are to be used to "ballpark" the various levels at which you may enter or to which you may progress.

The Next Step:

As interesting as the pictures are, as engaging as the words above may be, and as much fun as it was for me to "play around" with the prices, it really helps to understand what the options and capabilities mean to you and in your situation.You also want the dealer that services the entire US, is the number one dealer, and the one who wrote the training materials for the Innova Mach 3.

For that reason we suggest and request that you give us a call me at 219.255.8085 or Bill at 269.985.8004 or Bill@AccomplishQuilting.com to discuss the options and to arrange a visit to have them demonstrated to you - hands-on!

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The following is a short list of our INNOVA services:

  • Sales of INNOVA innovative quilting machines from computerized longarms to sit-down models
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