Welcome To Forever In Stitches!

While maintaining our excellent quality of longarming, designs, and stitching we endeavor to keep no more than a two week turn-around.

As of July 5, 2022, we have less than a 1 week turn-around.

Save Time With Our Longarming Services

We offer the following types of longarming services [Please refer to the corresponding web-pages, above, for more information]:

  • Standard Longarming Services - This is where you bring your top, etc., to us and we assist you in deciding the patterns [we have over 5,000 patterns in our library], thread color, and we do the work.

  • Mail-In - This is similar to our Standard services except you mail it in and we communicate via phone, text, and emails. 60% of our business is mail-in from Indiana as well as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, and Michigan and points beyond.

Quilts are beautiful and expressive pieces of artwork. They are also a considerable investment in time and effort – especially when using bigger, bulkier quilting fabric. Even if you enjoy the old-fashioned way of quilting, you’ll no doubt find some use of a longarm quilting machine like ours.

Here at Forever In Stitches, LLC, we’re committed to making quilting an enjoyable project and process for quilters of all skill levels. Should you decide you need some assistance with your quilt, allow us to provide you with the best longarming services.


We are the home of Raggedy Ruth Designs as well as an award-winning Longarm Quilting Services Center. From our location in northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, we have everything that anyone could need to create the art quilt of their dreams. Raggedy Ruth Designs is well-known for publishing more than 160 patterns, as well as three quilting books, and two trade tools. At Forever In Stitches, LLC, we’ve also created over 1,500 proprietary digital quilting longarm designs.


When you’re ready to get your next quilt started, give us a call at 219.255.8085 and/or make a trip to our store. Everything you need is at your fingertips, ready to be put to use. We carry a range of wide-backing bolts, cotton and polyester batting, and thread for use in longarming. We use automated state-of-the-art Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 machines with Grand Format Embroidery [GFE]. We generally have less than a two week turn-round. Please refer to our PDF's of our services, below, as well a a higher level overview from the pages, above.

We encourage you to come down to our studio, where you can use our automated longarm quilting machine and apply the finishing touches yourself.

Basic batting and thread charges are included in our longarming fee. The wide backing we carry is from Moda.