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Ruth has given dozens of talks, presentations, and classes to national, show, guild, and clubs. If you are interested in having Ruth give a talk, presentation, or quality, please contact us at + and ask to speak to Rick. To make initial contact, you might also email RickG@fisllc.com. It may sound blase, but in her training, she has improved attendees’ techniques, precision, and balance fabric use with spectacular results.

Fees are negotiable, depending on many factors, number of persons in a class, length of session, number of days required, distance, and so on. The following is provided as a “rule of the thumb”, as all are negotiable:

Classes & Workshops including pattern [Books $4.00 more]
$15/half day/student or $25 for full day/student
Talks & Presentations where product sales can be made
Talks where product sales can not be made
Cost or IRS driving rates
Meals& Lodging requiring overnight accommodations [ usually 180 miles from Valparaiso IN]

If you are interested in any of the above, please call Rick Grihalva at 219.255.8085 or RickG@ForeverInStitches.com.

Donations & Prizes

Quilt Shops, Guilds, and Clubs often need prizes for their events to generate interest. These events could be shop hops, one-stop-shop hops, guild or club shows, and the like.

Raggedy Ruth Designs has a select program of donating gifts to worthy quilting undertakings. To date, we have provided donations and prizes to dozens of clubs, guilds, shops, churches, and other organizations.

The reason is simple: we have found that the best advertising for the Perfect Corner Ruler™ and other products is from those who use them.

If your organization needs prizes or donations, please let us know at rickg@foreverinstitches.com. You may also call us at 219.225.8085. Also, please include some verifying information, such as a name, phone, organization or event web-site, and the expected attendance.

We will get back to you in two weeks as to the contents of our prize.


We appreciate you, our clientele, more than you might imagine.We hope that our appreciation shows up in the work that we do and our interactions with you.
Over two years ago we moved to Valparaiso. We had no customers in Valpo. When we came to Valparaiso, we had a hefty backlog of 45 quilts from our Ohio customers. When our clients heard we were leaving, they brought us their quilts in droves. We were so appreciative that we immediately began our mail-in benefits.
In addition, all of the quilt clubs and guilds were closed due to the COVID lock-down: we had no method of obtaining new customers. So be began an extremely successful advertising blitz with the NW Indiana Times.

Mail-In Benefits

For those mailing in quilting from at least 60 miles from Valparaiso, we do the following based on longarm services:

  • An immediate 15% discount. This discount can be combined with other discounts including the Quick Quilter discount.

  • Paid return shipping via UPS for items over $75.00, before discounts.

Quick Quilter Discounts

Our tracking system keeps track of the number of quilts that you've submitted. Every quilt that ends in a five [5, 15 25...] gets a 10% discount. Every quilt that ends in a zero [10, 20, 30,...] gets a 20% discount. These discounts are on longarming services, including DIY [Do It Yourself].

They are also in addition to other discounts that are offered [say a sale, a Mail-In Benefit, etc.]


Occasionally we have a sale to beef-up our backlog. An example of this was our May sale. These are in addition to Quick Quilter Discounts.

However, they can not be used in addition to the Mail-In Discounts. The quilter gets the greater of the Sale Discount or the Mail-In Benefit.

Batting & Thread Inclusion

Included in the cost of quilting is the cost of thread and Quilters' Dream Batting Poly Request. When we were in Ohio, we charged for these separately.

In Indiana we include those items in the longarming service and DIY. This simplifies the purchasing decision for the client. It also gets more people to use Quilters' Dream Batting, which is uniform and consistent in construction, a benefit for the quilter, us.

What if you do not want poly or the Request thickness? We simply order what you want and charge you the price above the price of Request. A "Win-Win"!