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The Perfect Corner Ruler

If you have ever wondered what went wrong when making flying geese blocks or snowball blocks, then this is the Ruler for you. The Perfect Corner Ruler™ will give you perfect corners in four easy steps. Take the fear out of diagonal piecing—a must-have for most quilters.

“Perfect Corner Method™” because that is what Ruth [AKA Raggedy Ruth Designs™] developed first when she wrote the pattern “Quilt of Many Colors” as a block of the month pattern.

She quickly decided that a “tool” to speed up the process was a need. And, she made one out of template material. We searched the web for tools that would work and could not find any. So, she invented the Perfect Corner Ruler™.

We manufacture the Perfect Corner Ruler™ from 1/8” acrylic, laser cut to 1/200th inch accuracy. The measuring lines are all in one color to make silk screening accurate. The conversion sizes that are not used for measuring are screened in a contrasting color, teal. There is no seam-allowance before the measurements begin, and the alignment lines are oriented so that the Ruler can straddle the corner of a block.

In showing the Perfect Corner Ruler™ to the vendors at the International Quilt Festival / Cincinnati, I was surprised that 100% of them responded very favorably to the Ruler, and one even jumped up and hugged me!

We are sure that you will enjoy using the Perfect Corner Ruler™ with all of your corner triangles.

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Perfect Corner Ruler
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